Domestic Violence And Abuse Policy

Domestic violence and abuse policy

Domestic abuse is any type if controlling, bullying, threatening behavior between people in a relationship.  It is IMPORTANT to remember that Domestic abuse can happen inside or outside the home, over the phone or internet and both women and men can be abused or abusers.

Different types of Domestic Abuse:

  • kicking, hitting, punching or cutting
  • rape (including in a relationship)
  • controlling someone’s finances by withholding money or stopping someone earning
  • controlling behaviour, like telling someone where they can go and what they can wear
  • not letting someone leave the house
  • reading emails, text messages or letters
  • threatening to kill someone or harm them
  • threatening to another family member or pet.

Signs of Domestic Abuse:

If you have any concerns please contact the surgery on 01207 561 736 and speak to one of our team members.



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