Surgery Survey September 2014/15

This Practice Survey was completed in September 2014 during our Influenza Vaccination season. Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey. The results and analysis can be found below:

Q1. Would you recommend this Surgery?

Yes: 64 responses 91% No: 2 responses 3% Don’t Know: 4 responses 5.7% Total: 70 responses









Q2. What was good about your care and what could be improved?

Patient’s comments:

  1. Long wait to get a appointment sometime. When arriving for an appointment very long wait
  2. Help always available when needed
  3. I have always managed to get an appointment.
  4. Quick response. Dr care
  5. Very good
  6. It’s my first time
  7. Very Good care
  8. Having been a patient for a lot of year the doctor is familiar with my condition. Improvement on appointment system- especially for people working.
  9. Have always been well looked after.
  10. Everything good, nothing I can think of.

Q3. Were you involved enough in the decisions made about your care?

Yes: 60 responses 85.7% No: 4 responses 5.7% N/A: 6 responses 8.5% Total: 70 responses








Q4. Is the surgery clean?

Yes: 70 responses 100% No: 0 responses 0% Total: 70 responses








Q5. Are the receptionists helpful?

Yes: 69 responses 98.5% No: 1 response 1.4% Don’t Know: 0 responses 0% Total: 70 responses








Q6. Is it easy to get and appointment?

Yes: 62 responses 88.5% No: 6 responses 8.5% Don’t Know: 2 responses 3%. Total: 70 responses








Q7. Are you aware of all the services that the surgery provides?

Yes: 46 responses 65.7% No: 19 responses 27.1% Don’t Know: 5 reponses 5%. Total: 70 responses








Q8. Are you aware that you can book an appointment online and order your prescription online?

Yes: 57 responses 81.4% No: 11 responses 15.7% Don’t Know: 2 responses 3% Total: 70 responses











Action Plan
1. People are not aware of the range of services the practice provides.

Plan – We have made a poster for reception. The information already exists in the practice leaflet and can be found on the practice website. The services are also mentioned on the surgery’s envisage tv system.

2. Waiting times to see the Doctor.

Plan – A poster will be displayed in the waiting room advising patients that they can only be seen for one to two problems at a time unless it is of a serious nature and can’t wait.

3. It has been pointed out by the Patient Participation Group that prescriptions do not always go to their designated chemist and stays at the surgery when they have been to the surgery for treatment.

Plan – The surgery will take extra care to make sure prescriptions go to the chemist if it has been requested to do so. We are going live with the electronic prescription service from June 2015 where this problem should be solved.



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