Patient Representative Group Report 2013

The PRG at Primary Health Care Centre, Chopwell was set up in 2008 to understand the views of patients on the services that the practice offered and how we can improve them. In addition current health issues and changes to health care are often discussed.



The PRG is compromised of a cross-section of people who have volunteered to represent patients, when meeting with members of the practice. It is an open membership group that encourages involvement and attendance from all areas of the practice community through advertising of the group via different media. We have tried to ensure the group is representative of our patient population by looking at the profile of our practice list.


The PRG meets on a six monthly basis to update the group on new services being offered and updating the group on the action points mentioned below following the patient survey. PRG meetings are advertised through posters, website, reception screen and telephone calls to individuals.


There are 9 members of varying ages in the Patient Reference Group. A big thank you to all the patients who are members of the group. We held a meeting on 14/11/2012 where 8 members attended. At the meeting we discussed the practice survey. The PRG suggested some changes that could be made to the questionnaire. Which were included in the survey/questionnaire.

We held a meeting post survey on the 25/03/2013 where 6 members attended and 4 sent their apologies. The survey results were discussed and action points were agreed.


Survey Monkey was used for our 2012 questionnaire. The practice survey format is one that is familiar with PRG groups at other practices acrossGateshead. The survey was given to patients to complete as the attended the surgery randomly. There was also a link on the home page of the surgery website that patients could use to complete the questionnaire. We would like to thank all patients who completed the survey. The results will help us to improve services and patient experience.


The Survey Monkey questionnaire was completed by 75 patients.Two main areas were pointed out for further discussion:

  • Patients were unaware that there was a practice leaflet.
  • Patients were unaware that the surgery had its own website where prescriptions can be ordered and appointments made.





Make patients more aware that there is a practice leaflet. We will make sure that copies of the practice leaflet are available in the waiting room for patients to read and take with them. We will attach the leaflet to prescriptions at different intervals throughout the year. We will also put posters up to advertise the leaflet. Over the next year with reviews at PRG meetings and in Practice meetings.
Make patients more aware of the practice website. As there is already a ticker message on our TV screen we plan to put posters up in the waiting room/treatment rooms/chemist to advertise the website. Each poster would include information about booking appointments and ordering prescriptions online. Over the next year with reviews at PRG meetings and in Practice meetings.
Ordering prescriptions and booking appointments online Posters will be put up in the surgery to advertise the online system. The Envisage screen Powerpoint presentation will also advertise Emis web and the surgery’s website where online ordering prescriptions/booking appointment can be done. Over the next year with reviews at PRG meetings and in Practice meetings.




We welcome any comments or suggestions and are contactable at any time during our normal opening hours which are below:

Monday – 9.00am to 6.00pm

Tuesday – 9.00am to 6.00pm

Wednesday – 9.00am to 6.00pm

Thursday – 9.00am to 1.00pm

Friday – 9.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 6.00pm


Primary Health Care Centre Chopwell: 01207 561736. Appointments can be booked online. Please ask at reception for details. Emergency Appointments are available if the problem cannot wait until the next routine appointment. Out of hours number: 111

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