Data & Information Sharing

Data and Information Sharing

We are participating in the Great North Care Record, which allows health and care organisations to share your information. This is completely secure and can only be accessed by health and care professionals directly involved in caring for you. Organisations will normally ask your permission to view the record except in an emergency where you cannot give permission (eg unconscious). You can opt out of eletronic record sharing at any time; though this may affect the care you receive if the health and care professional does not have access to complete information about you.

Information about you is already shared with your GP when you visit a hospital or walk-in centre. This change will mean that information from your GP records can now be shared electronically with hospitals so that they can provide you with better care. You will be asked for consent before professionals can view your records, for example at the point you are referred or when you visit the hospital.

The benefits to you:

  • Healthcare professionals treating you will have the most up-to-date and accurate information about your health and current treatments
  • Your patient data will only be used when healthcare professionals are caring for you
  • By sharing data about your health it will mean that we know what medication you are already receiving – and you only need to tell your story once
  • Your records are handled securely and confidentially

If you don’t want your patient information to be shared, you can decline to share your NHS record. Please contact your GP practice if you wish to opt out of sharing your record.



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