Patient Representative Report 2014

Primary Health Care Centre Chopwell

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It has been a busy year for the practice but we are proud to have achieved the patient participation action plan objectives from last year.  Of note, the implementation of the new electronic patient record system (EMIS WEB) is going to be helpful for the future to inform patients about their appointments and various results electronically.

The surgery would like to say a big thank you to all patients who are members of the group.meeting

Patient Participation Group Members Meeting

The patient participation group (PPG) at Primary Healthcare Centre Chopwell has been established for 6 years.  PPG meetings are held twice a year.  

We discussed the contents of the patient satisfaction questionnaire in the first meeting on 01/10/2013.  As a result, the PPG suggested some changes to the questions asked.

A post survey meeting was held on 14/03/2014, where there were 8 members attended and 4 apologies.  The survey results were discussed and action points agreed upon.

 The Patient Survey

The survey was randomly given to patients as they attended the surgery.  There was also a link on the surgery website homepage that patients could access to complete the questionnaire.

We would like to thank all patients who completed the survey.  The results will help us to improve our services.

 Results of the Patient Satisfaction Survey 2013-14

1. How easy do you find getting through to the surgery on the telephone?

Very easy, fairly easy88%
Not very easy10%
Not at all easy1%
Skipped question1%

 2.  How easy do you find making an appointment to see nurse or doctor urgently/same day?

Very easy, fairly easy60%
Not very easy30%
Not at all easy1%
Don’t know7%
Skipped question2%

 3. How easy do you find making an appointment to see a nurse or doctor in advance?

Very easy, fairly easy93%
Not very easy4%
Not at all easy0%
Don’t know3%
Skipped question0%

 4. How do you prefer to book the appointment at the practice?

In person42%
On telephone58%
On-lineN/A (was not available at the time of survey)

5. If you need to speak to someone at the practice for advice how easy do you usually find this?

Very easy, fairly easy61%
Not very easy7%
Not at all easy0%
Don’t know30%
Skipped question2%

6. The last time you saw a doctor, how would you rate how good they were at listening?

Excellent, very good, good93%
Skipped question0%

 7. The last time you saw a doctor, how would you rate how good they were at involving you on decisions about your care?

Excellent, very good, good93%
Skipped question0%

8. The last time you saw a nurse, how would you rate how good they were at treating you with dignity and respect?

Excellent, very good, good92%
Skipped question7%

9. Is the practice currently open at times that are convenient to you?

Skipped question5%

10. How easy do you find accessing the building?

Excellent, very good, good95%
Skipped question4%

11. How do you rate cleanliness of the practice?

Excellent, very good, good98%
Skipped question1%

 Results action plan 2013-14

After discussion with the PPG, the following action plan was agreed upon:

1. Make patients more aware that that they can book appointments, order prescriptions and change their address and contact details online. This has been available for two years.

2. Make patients aware by posters and leaflets that they can make appointments online as well as in person and by phone.

3. Publish the data of did not attend (DNA) appointments by poster and on the website news page.

4. Make patients aware of our new system of text messaging to remind patients of their appointment by adding information onto prescriptions, producing a new slide for our Envisage system and by putting posters up around the building.

5. Make patients aware of what services are available to them by posters and website.

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